We’ve become a world of instant gratification.

We want what we want and we want it now.

Gone are the days of waiting in anticipation for a hand written letter in the post. Instead we prefer the generic typeface of an email instantly popping into our inbox. But I don’t believe there is anything more pure and beautiful than the discovery of a hand written envelope in a see of flyers, bills and junk mail.

I was the poster child for instant gratification. If I tried something and it didn’t work then I’d instantly give up and move on to the next thing. The first time I got knocked down I’d stay down and crawl on my hands and knees to the next thing in the hope that it might drag me back to my feet.

I never understood the power of the in between, the immeasurable learning to be found when down on your knees in the dirt, in the no man’s land, that place of not knowing that sometimes feels like a vast parched desert that you’ll never survive.

These crazy Covid times are that barren desert for many of us, that unbearable in between place of complete not knowing.

But instead of squirming, instead of freaking out, instead of thinking the worst; we need to dig down deep and find some faith. Faith that in this place we find ourselves are great gifts of learning and transformation if we just let go of trying to control.

Be in the desert, but have faith and know you will not perish there. Know that you are developing an endurance that will propel you forward at light warp speeds, but only when the time is right. Not in your time, not when you want it, when you demand it. There’s no instant gratification here and nor should there be. That perhaps is the whole point.

This is about the trust and faith to wait patiently in between, that is the mission to conquer here, I believe that could be the valuable lesson we can learn amongst all the insanity.

‘Patience is natural to those who trust’ - ACIM

And whilst you’re there hanging out in limbo land, why not grab a pad and pen and write a heart felt letter to someone?

You can email them for their postal address.

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