Weird niggly feeling...

Do you ever get that weird niggling feeling? Like something is up but you don’t know what?

For me it feels like something deep inside of me is knocking on my ribcage, trying to get my attention.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling, that makes you feel unsettled and a little unsafe.

Well, it feels like that for a reason!

That’s the universe trying to tell you something.

That’s the universe warning you that you have swerved off course, not following your soul’s purpose and need to get back on track.

I think that’s why we often just try to shrug the feeling off. Distract ourselves by filling it with food, or booze, or meaningless idle chatter or zombifying TV.

We know there’s a message in there, but we don’t want to know what we’re being told because it doesn’t suit us; so we choose not to listen.

It’s back to the same old story of avoiding change and stepping out; because keeping things exactly as they are is safe and comforting. Change is big and scary, even the smallest change is big and scary.

But if we don’t pay attention to the signs then we stay stagnant and stuck.

I’ve had that niggling feeling the past few days and I know it’s Mr G trying to give me a kick up the ass. I’m not following his plan for me. I’m avoiding, procrastinating and distracting myself because of fear.

The fear is powerful and some days it keeps my feet glued to the ground and prevents my life from moving forward. But somehow I have to gather every ounce of strength I can find and take that small step forward to get unstuck.

So who’s with me?

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