Welcome the negativity in

...otherwise it will just keep banging on your door.

Negative feelings are not something you can run away from.

Trying to run away from negative feelings is like trying to run away from your shadow.

Sorry folks, but it ain’t gonna happen.

Distracting yourself from your negative feelings doesn’t work either.

Buying shit you don’t need on Amazon (I hate that ‘Buy Now’ option), drinking or eating yourself into oblivion, or watching mind numbing television for hours are not going to make the negative feelings go away I’m afraid.

You’re just delaying the inevitable…feeling them!

The only way is through, the only way is to acknowledge the crappy feelings are there, they are not going to leave you alone until you stop ignoring them.

They just want a little bit of your attention.

Anger, resentment, fear, anxiety…whatever the shitty feeling is, it’s banging on your door and just wants to come in for a cup of tea.

So invite the feeling in, sit with it for a while over a cup of tea and then politely explain how busy you are and send it on its merry way.

“Hey anger, great to see you and thanks for popping by. I appreciate that you’re here, it’s been cool hanging out but I have things to do, so would be so kind as to bugger off now?”

“Hey fear, thank you for the visit. I hope you enjoyed chilling out with me all day but happiness is coming over for dinner later, so I’ve got to go to the supermarket. I’m sure you understand.”

Do you get the idea?

They aren’t going to leave until you invite them in… so stop fighting it.

Imagine those negative feelings like they are an annoying neighbour, or mother in law, or friend who has nothing else to do.

Humour them, invite them in, sit with them a while, nod your head and smile.

Spare them a little of your precious time so that they feel heard and acknowledged and then I promise they will leave you in peace.

At least for a little while anyway!

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