“What do you do?”

Why is that the first question people ask?

Why do those four words govern our self worth and who we are?

And how is our whole self described succinctly by the answer?

I’ve always struggled with that question.

It’s always felt wrong to pigeon hole myself with one title.

To cram my whole being into that one answer.

What do I do?

I’ll tell you what I do.

I love.


I create.


I inspire.


I uplift.


I laugh.

I act daft.


I play.


I try not to be judgemental.

But I sometimes judge.

I try my best.

I make mistakes.

I adore my dogs.

I appreciate my friends.

I disagree with my mother.

I love my mother unconditionally.

I try to love everyone in the world unconditionally.

Sometimes I find that hard.

I explore.


I live.


I talk.


I sing.


I dance.


I pray.


I see.

I see the world’s beauty.

I see it all the time every single day.

I shine.

I show gratitude.

I celebrate life.

What do I do?

I do me.

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