What happens to all the support after cancer treatment stops?

The support and guidance for what comes after the cancer treatment?

Shouldn’t someone prepare us for what comes next?

Warn us that we’ll search everywhere for the confidence, happiness and peace we knew before diagnosis.

But that there’s a big fat chance that we might not find it.

That all of a sudden we’re gonna be bulldozed with a hundred different emotions.

Emotions we couldn’t deal with during treatment because we were too busy trying to stay alive.

There needs to be more preparation for the next part of our cancer journey.

Otherwise we survive the treatment only to get back into life and fall straight on our knees.

That’s why I’m here.

I intend to offer survivors everything they need to know.

In order to live their greatest life AFTER going through cancer.

I found my way there.

In fact I found more confidence and happiness and peace than I did before.

Hard to believe… but true.

Don’t lose hope my fellow survivors.

The best of you and your life is not over yet.

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