What happens to you when you hear the word God?

Do you immediately run for the hills?

It’s just a word people.

And it doesn’t have to mean what you think it does.

It doesn’t have to mean the same thing as was indoctrinated into you as a child.

It doesn’t have to have the same definition as organised religions propose.

It can mean whatever resonates with you.



Higher Power.



Mother earth.


The universe.

It’s your choice.

And it doesn’t have to look like an old guy in a beard either!

But it can if that works for you.

God could also look like Alanis Morissette, Yoda, Dumbledore or Bugs Bunny.

All that matters is that you believe in something greater and more powerful than yourself.

A power of good, of love, of positivity.

A power that makes sure you are never alone.

That power is and has always been there just waiting for you to reach out and connect.

It doesn’t have to be as religious or hocus locus as you think.

So don’t waste time on a silly word.

Don’t let three little words scare you off from something that can transform your life into everything.

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