What is a happiness coach?

Updated: Jun 8

Can someone really teach you how to happy?

What if I told you that I used to be miserable?

On the outside I 'appeared' to be happy and full of life, but inside of me was only darkness, doom and gloom. I was really good at faking it, but the truth is I would wake up to dread and anxiety kissing me on each cheek. I never felt good enough, clever enough, skinny enough, successful enough, rich enough. ENOUGH!

I even tried to take my own life, more than once, that's how miserable I was. I tried anti-depressants but it just felt like they were numbing the effects but not dealing with the issue. I tried therapy but I needed more than just a person listening to my pain, I wanted solutions to overcome that pain and find joy in my life.

I kept hearing more and more about all things mind, body, spirit but I had no clue what it all meant... so I started exploring. I read books, learnt to meditate, studied the 12 steps, experimented with plant medicine, trained as a spiritual counsellor and the more I delved into all things spiritual the more my life transformed. And today I am, without doubt, the happiest person I know. I overcame all my demons, let go of the past and my fear of the future, released all the pent up blocks and negativity that had been building up inside me for a life time. I became the greatest version of myself, a version of myself I didn't even know I could be.

It doesn't matter how shit your life is, you can still be happy, because if I made the journey through hell to heaven then so can you.

I use various spiritual, holistic and mindful tools and exercises to transform your perspective of everything; how you view yourself and the world around you. I offer you a clean slate to paint a whole new big & beautiful chapter for yourself. My methods are a combination of traditional therapy, shamanism, energy healing and life coaching. I am unconventional and so are the things I teach, I open your eyes to a whole new way of living that you didn't even know existed.

So take a chance and schedule a chat with me - you never know I could help you get really, really, really happy like I am.