What is an energy healing circle?

It's a place you can go to meet like-minded people and recharge your battery.

We are all energy, everything and everyone is energy. But most of us don't realise this so we never ever think about recharging, recuperation, regeneration, revitalisation or any of the other re-words!

Energy healing circles offer you a safe space to clean out all the negative energy that's accumulated due to a busy lifestyle, too much social media, difficult periods in your life... the day to day shit that can get you down.

We sit together in a circle and get open and honest, we share about the things that are bothering us, we write them down on paper and we stand around a fire pit and throw them into the flames.

We plant seeds of intention, we manifest more positivity and peace for our lives with guided meditations, literally planting seeds in the soil, affirmations, visualisations and all other kind of wondrous magic.

It's really not as weird and woo woo as you might think. My energy healing circles are fun, simple and people always leave feeling on top of the world. I keep groups down to a minimum, no more than 6 people, so everyone has time & space to get the individual attention and support that they deserve.

You might feel nervous and apprehensive about trying one out, many of my other clients have told me they felt way before they came, but as soon as you walk into my secret haven away from the world that fear will evaporate, anxiety will fade and you'll know you came to the right place.

The next one is on Tuesday the 29th of June and it's a Radical Self Love workshop. You see I use to hate everything about myself, but now I love and accept myself 100% exactly the way I am. I found complete freedom from insecurity, low self worth, lack of confidence etc. And this workshop shares all the tools and magic I used to get to the confident and happy place I am now!

Come on, take a risk and join me on an adventure!