What is life coaching?

What does a life coach actually do and how can they help me?

I'm not going to tell you what a conventional life coach is, I'm going to tell you what kind of life coach I am.

Over the years I explored, learnt and discovered incredible tools and concepts that literally changed my life.

I spent over thirty years living a mediocre existence; I just drifted along never expecting anything magical to happen in my life. I didn't necessarily feel rock bottom, but I sure as hell wasn't floating up on cloud nine either.

Now, now I'm permanently hanging out on the bright side of life, chilling on cloud nine and feeling the magic.

So I trained as an integrated life coach and counsellor so I could legitimately guide you on how I got to where I am.

My clients come to me for all kinds of reasons - insecurity, anxiety, depression, struggling with relationships, loneliness, aimlessness, the list goes on and on.

But the solution for all of these things is the same - learning how to have a real connection with yourself.

Sounds naff and cliched maybe, but if you want a beautiful existence and a happy life then you should be willing to try anything.

I help you get under a lifetime of conditioning to really understand, accept and even love, the core of who you are.

I use several spiritual and holistic techniques like guided meditation, mirror work, positive affirmation, authentic listening to name just a few.

The life you dream about isn't as impossible to reach as you think.

Get in touch with me, have one session and I guarantee you'll immediately start feeling uplifted, empowered, inspired and ready to transform your life.

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