What is spiritual coaching?

What does it mean and how can a spiritual coach help you?

Psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counsellors are there to help you with your mind. They help you with what goes on in your head – memories, regrets and struggles from the past, fear of the future and how that affects you in the here and now.

Doctors, dieticians, acupuncturists, personal trainers, they are there to help you with your body. They help you with what goes on with your organs, your muscles, your bones. They help you to live a physically healthy life.

Life coaches help you with your day to day, help you to have direction, to achieve your goals.

But what about spiritual coaches, people like me? What is it exactly that we do?

Spiritual coaches are there to help you tune in to your heart and your soul. We help you open your mind, to find the willingness to go deep within yourself and discover what’s really there, who you really are. Because actually who you think you are isn’t you at all… you are so much more than that.

You think you are your ‘identity’ - your name, your job, the car you drive, the neighbourhood you live in, the money in your bank account, the clothes in your wardrobe. But you are none of those things, in fact you are what has been hidden underneath all of those things your whole life.

The true you has been buried deep under a lifetime of conditioning, and a spiritual coach helps you to uncover and meet your true self for the very first time.

You are not your upbringing; your parents and the things they taught and told you. You are not the school you went to or the things you studied. You are not the culture you are surrounded by or the faith you were brought up to believe.

We all make the mistake of letting those things define who we are. We look in the mirror, see the reflection of our physical selves and think that’s it, that’s us. But that’s just skin, a uniform, an outfit we wear but who you are is so much more than the reflection you see.

A spiritual coach introduces you to yourself, allows you to reconnect to your power that you’ve always had but never knew was there – the power to do anything, be anything, to create anything you want in your life and to feel any way you want to feel.

It isn’t complicated, it isn’t hard work, you don’t need to take any medication.

You just need to change the way you have been thinking, feeling and living your whole life.

As soon as you change your perspective you will see a whole new you emerge, and you will fall madly in love with that person.

That’s what spiritual healing is, that is what spiritual healing means.

To spiritually heal is simply to realise your truth.

Instead of trying to make yourself feel better with prescription medication, a shopping spree, a bottle of wine, watching a box set on Netflix in one sitting or eating a tub of ice cream - spiritual healing is making yourself better the other way around. Instead of finding outside things to alleviate your struggle and pain, you heal yourself from within.

You heal yourself from the inside out, instead of the way we’ve all been doing it – from the outside in.

Spiritual coaching shows you exactly how to do that; to essentially change your whole belief system - your thoughts, your feelings, your perspective, to a new way of being. It isn’t complicated, it isn’t a painful process – it’s simple and it’s liberating. And if you can learn to incorporate everything you are shown in your spiritual coaching sessions into your day to day existence then you will find a happiness you didn’t even know existed, and you will hold on to that happiness for the rest of your life.

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