What now?

It’s okay to not always know which way you’re going.

It’s okay if you don’t always know which path to take.

The key is to make sure you don’t look back.

Because there is nothing for you there.

Except maybe some regret, a ton of comparison, a spoonful of melancholy and a bucketful of pain.

It’s okay to not know and just be where you are, not knowing where exactly that is.

But whatever you do don’t turn around and try and walk the other way.

The past is gone.

And the future is out of reach.

So just be where you are now.

Even if you aren’t 100% sure where that place is.

Because all will be revealed to you as and when it’s supposed to be.

And your job is not to get too overwhelmed and anxious whilst waiting for next sign post to come along.

Your job is to sit in the fear of not knowing.

And just trust the process.

Sounds easy right?

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