What the f*ck is a happiness Instigator???

Yeh I know... it sounds weird. The problem is all the other job titles out there just don't fit me or what I do.

I tried calling myself a coach, a guide, a counsellor etc. but none of those titles felt comfortable on me,

so I created a new job title - the very first of its kind actually. (I always was a bit of a pioneer)

I am qualified to do what I do; I'm a certified integrated life coach/counsellor and studied as a spiritual counsellor for two years, and this education and training has been invaluable to me, but those things are still not who I am or what I do.

I am a Happiness Instigator - it describes me and the services I offer perfectly.

I know how to get happy and stay happy.

Not that momentary buzz that you all think is happiness. No, the happiness I'm referring to is completely different. It's deep-rooted, it comes from the very core of me and permeates out onto everyone and everything. Even the most challenging people in my life have transformed as a consequence of the happiness I feel.

The dreams I was told would never come true have come true. I overcame anxiety, depression, low self worth, & insecurity. I still have work to do on myself but I enjoy the process now, it's cathartic and gratifying to see the results as I become a greater and greater version of myself.

I used to be suicidal, now I love every single moment of my life - even the shitty bits because I now understand that's where all the most amazing stuff grows from.

I know it sounds insane, like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I really have found the key to happiness. By exploring all things spiritual, metaphysical and personal development related; studying, experimenting, participating, reading, writing, volunteering, trying, and being willing to take a teeny tiny step out of my comfort zone I have completely set myself free.

I created a toolbox with all the wisdom I learnt along the way; this tool box has everything anyone would need to live a peaceful, beautiful and happy life. So now my job is to spread happiness to everyone else - because we all deserve to be happy.