When we go through cancer there are moments when we can feel incredibly lonely.

It can feel like the cancer journey is one that in some ways we have to walk alone.

Yes we may have armies of doctors and nurses.

Family and friends rallying around us.

But in the quiet moments it is just us alone with the severity of the hell we have, or are, enduring.

But guess what?

Those moments when we feel isolated and alone are not real.

In fact the whole concept of loneliness is a figment of our imagination.

It’s a fallacy that makes us avoid being with ourselves.

You are never alone.

Because you are part of absolutely everything.

Everything is pure energy, one gigantic swirl of energy and you are part of that.

So you see in truth you couldn’t be alone even if you tried.

The voice in your head might try to convince you otherwise.

The ego, the inner critic.

But it’s talking utter bollocks.

So stop believing everything it slyly whispers in your ear.

Believe this.

I am part of you and you are part of me.

You are always surrounded, held, loved and supported by the universe.

And most importantly loneliness isn’t real.

You just need to reconnect in order to see that.

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