Where have you been, Saskia?


Hiding from you.

Hiding from all of you.

Ashamed that I’m finding life hard.

I’m a light worker.

My work here is to hold, support, uplift and inspire you.

And so I felt shame that I suddenly found myself in a dark place.

But then I realised.

That’s what makes me so good at what I do.

I have no secrets from you.

I share all that I am.

I share my authentic self.

To inspire you to be your authentic self.

I share my struggles and pain so you can be sure I know exactly how you feel.

Because I’m not just an energy healer and spiritual coach.

I’m human too.

You and I are one and the same.

And I love that.

I’m not more enlightened than you.

We all have the same extraordinary power within.

I just have the tools, secrets and solutions to find my back to the light.

I don’t have to, and won’t, stay stuck anymore.

I have the power of the universe surging through me.

For the last few weeks I lost sight of that.

But I’m so glad that I’m finally remembering.

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