Why am I such a spirit junkie?

And what is a spirit junkie anyway?

It’s a term created by a chick called Gabby Bernstein, who battled her whole life with anxiety, eating disorders and drugs.

She was stressed and unhappy all the time.

But through a long and arduous spiritual journey she found a way out.

And wrote a book called Spirit Junkie.

It’s pretty simple and life-changing stuff.

Always choose love over fear.

Practise the F word: Forgive.

Gratitude is the only attitude.

Be kind to others.

So why have I chosen less rock n roll and more spirit junkie?

Because in a nutshell stress causes cancer.

My cancer was aggressive and the little bugger will find any excuse to come back.

So I’m trying not giving it any excuses.

I’ll always have a certain amount of stress.

It’s part of life.

But since focusing on the spiritual side of things.

My life consists of 35% stress.

Where as it used to be 80%.

That’s why you’ll find me talking spiritual mumbo jumbo.

Suggesting you be all things love & light.

It’s for good reason.

Spirituality is a forcefield that makes it damn hard for cancer to come back knocking at your door.

Just like healthy eating and exercise.

Mindfulness and self love is medicine for the soul.

So please don’t get freaked out by what I write.

I’m not a religious fanatic.

I’m just a spiritual junkie.

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