Would you rather be right?

Or would you rather be happy?

Have you noticed how sometimes, when you’re having an argument with someone, you can’t really remember why you started arguing with him or her in the first place. You just know it’s escalated way out of control and now all that matters is proving that you’re right and they are wrong.


You do remember what the argument is about, you know it’s small, trivial and insignificant but it’s passed the point of no return and you are determined to come out the other side as the winner. Proving a stupid and unimportant point so you can feel superior.

It’s pretty dumb when you think of it like that right?

I did it a couple of nights ago.

It did escalate further than necessary but I did catch it much sooner than the old me would.

It’s progress and not perfection folks…remember that, and use it as a mantra.

I did catch myself, because arguing with someone just feels so awful, it’s like my soul hurts and is begging me to just stop.

So I apologised, and suggested we wave a magic wand to make the whole unnecessary squabble disappear and forget it ever existed. The person in question, thankfully agreed wholeheartedly and the altercation vanished immediately.

Ah the beautiful power of choice!

It’s all up to us.

You know where your true freedom lies? In defencelessness; in deciding you’d rather be happy than be right. Letting go because in the big picture it just doesn’t mean anything.

So next time you get sucked into a quarrel about nothing and everything try and catch yourself.

Be the love & light you want to see reflected in others.

Say sorry for your part (with absolutely no ‘but you…’ allowed in the sentence) and suggest a mutual magic wand to make the tension disappear into thin air.

And that is all I have to say about that!

Oh and for the person in question... sorry again ❤️❤️❤️

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