You are exactly where you need to be.

Trust that.

Don’t question it, or doubt it or try to wiggle your way out of it.

Sometimes the Universe puts us in uncomfortable places and leaves us there for a while.

But as soon as we experience an emotion that isn’t a happy one we avoid it.

We numb the feeling with shopping, eating, scrolling through social media, booze etc.

But it’s the uncomfortable feelings that trigger positive transformation.

If you want the light you have to go through the dark to get there.

There is no way around.

So stop avoiding it.

Because by numbing, avoiding and distracting you are only prolonging the pain.

To heal you must feel.

To know that is to know the way to freedom.

Sit in the discomfort and rest assured it won’t kill you.

It may be painful but you will survive the feelings.

And come out the other side so much better, stronger and wiser.

Stop turning negative emotion away.

Just greet it and allow it to sit with you for a while.

And even if it does out stay its welcome.

I promise it will eventually leave.

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