You are part of everything...did you know that?

Life is infinite and you are part of that infinity, so keep stretching your consciousness.

What does that mean? It means we all limit ourselves.

We all limit our potential, our sparkle and our capability for being truly and ever lastingly happy.

We limit ourselves by believing our physical bodies are all that we are. That our skin, bones, muscles, and organs are what makes us… us.

But we are so much more than that. You are so much more than that.

Imagine this, just try and imagine this; because if you could get your head around this concept it could transform your life in ways that utterly blow your mind.

Imagine that your body, all of it, all the blood, the joints, the water, the organs, the nerves, are merely a costume that you can unzip and take off.

You see, your body is necessary here on earth to contain how bright you shine. Otherwise we would all blind each other with the magnificence of everything we are.

Our true selves are disguised in this physical body uniform we wear so we can hang out down here on beautiful Mother Earth and learn what we gotta learn.

But please don’t limit yourself by thinking this is all there is, and that is all you are.

Because the truth is that you are infinite and connected to absolutely everything.

You may not know this now, but one day you will.

Spiritual healing is about knowing just how beautiful and powerful you are. Energy healing is learning the tools to step outside the confines of what you think you are to embrace the truth of who you really are.

Every day try to remind yourself, remind your self that you’re bigger than you think are, that you’re more beautiful than you can possibly imagine and that you are capable of absolutely anything and everything.

And most of all, you are loved more than you could possibly know.

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