You now when you’ve got something big and daunting on your mind?

An awkward conversation that you’re dreading, a financial pressure looming over your head, the end of a relationship that you didn’t want to end.

Where do you feel it?

For me it is always in the core of my stomach.

It feels like all my organs have got tangled up into one big knot.

One of those knots that’s so tangled it’s impossible to undo.

Sometimes I wake up with it.

Not the greatest way to start the day.

All twisted, distorted and stuck.

But you know what helps?

I imagine I am holding the stem of a giant Dandelion puff.

You know the ones I mean…that look like big white fluffy lollipops.

Did you know that the white fuzz is attached to the seed and acts like a parachute?

And when the wind catches it the seed can be carried great distances.

So imagine holding one of those dandelion puffs right now.

And each seed attached to a fuzz is part of the problem you are facing.

Each seed is a reason you feel so overwhelmed and fearful.

You’re holding the problem right there in front of you.

Those seeds are the reason you feel the tightness in your chest, the knots in your stomach or the lump in your throat.

Now imagine taking a deep courageous breath and blowing that dandelion puff away.

Visualise those seeds of doubt, fear, dread, anger or panic just disappearing into thin air.

And make a wish.

Wish that whatever is weighing heavy on your mind gets resolved and disappears like those dandelion seeds.

And wherever in the universe those imaginary seeds of fluff land, resolution will be planted and start to grow.

All you need is a little bit of imagination.

And the willingness to feel a little bit silly.

Go for it.

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