You’ve forgotten something very important.

Your inner child.

In our childhood, at some point, we were all told to grow up and become an adult, and leave our childishness behind us.


I don’t know when human kind decided that was good advice to give, because in truth we are doing ourselves a huge disservice by neglecting the child within.

Life is all about love, and light and joy…I mean come people what else is there???

And whom do you know that is the best at being those three things?


A child doesn’t worry what other people will think if they jump in a puddle and get covered in mud. A child doesn’t get self conscious when they get their face painted like a lion, or go out for dinner in a superman outfit.

Your inner child is the freest part of you, the part that specialises in love, and light, and joy. But you’ve forgotten about her/him completely because you’ve been so busy being a grown up.

Self-love is embracing and nurturing all parts of yourself, not abandoning your inner child because it’s time to be all adult and responsible. That part of yourself, the young, innocent and vulnerable part of yourself, is longing for you to remember them and give them some attention.

At least once a day, yes… every day, play with your inner child. Jump in a puddle, dance on your bed, roll around on the floor with your kids, draw a picture and give it to a friend, wear your pyjamas to the supermarket to grab some milk.

If you give your inner child a little attention every day you will marvel at the transformations that will occur in your life. You will reconnect to that innocent love, light and joy within yourself that has always been there, just waiting for you to remember.

How about you start right here, right now, by making suggestions of how you can reconnect with your inner child in the comments below!

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