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Saskia Lightstar



- @dinagrishin

Not lying when I say I think the Universe brought Saskia into my life. Just when I needed to try a different approach, get a different perspective and just to hand over the reins and say ‘I don’t know anymore, can someone else help please’ she appeared out of nowhere. 

I’m a go-getter and an action-taker when it comes to most things in my life which means I’m used to doing things myself. However I had a block in one area of my life that I just couldn’t shift. I tried it all and it just wasn’t working. I was tired of trying. Handing over the do-ing to Saskia was such a weight off my shoulders. For the first time ever I could relax and be guided by someone else. There aren’t a lot of guides, coaches or teachers out there that I’ve encountered that I can trust. It always feels like they’re doing what they do for the money or the fame. Saskia is totally different. Her heart is fully in this and you can feel it.

Stepping into her home and into her incredible ritual space felt like stepping into an oasis. She guided me through a ritual and ceremony in the most relaxing, soothing and magical way. I felt completely safe with her because I could see she was in her element. She’s so tuned in to you and your higher self that I gladly handed over the reins and eased into it. 

I came out feeling lighter and happier, with a knowing that everything was going to be ok. I can’t tell you how I knew, but I just knew I didn’t have to worry about that part of my life anymore. And in a matter of weeks that part of my life started flowing. Can’t thank Saskia enough! 


- Lara C

"After years of being stubborn, and thinking I could do it all myself, I realised I needed a little direction and guidance. It took all of a few minutes to realise that Saskia “got me”, and I was in a safe and beautiful space, where the possibilities were infinite! She helped me to see that the answers I was searching for, were actually within. Right there in front of me! Saskia gave me the tools to harness my own spirituality and trust my intuition.  My sessions with Saskia changed my attitude, my perceptions and essentially my life. Words cannot describe my gratitude."


- @marmadeolis

“One of the most eloquent, inclusive and REAL perspectives to cross my path in a very long time… I love your soul and your moxie. Your devotion and undiluted faith make me sure awe are kindred spirits. Rare and delightful it is to read of such loving energy for our Precious maker. Thank you! Long live your voice and those of others in love with the oneness! Light, 💎 Peace✌🏿Love 🦋"


- Tara H

“Saskia is a wonderful spiritual counsellor, with plenty of wisdom and helpful insights that make all the difference. She really knows how to listen carefully, and she has helped me gently sort out some especially thorny issues. I absolutely recommend Saskia!"


- Liz A

"Saskia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our sessions. With her amazing down to earth approach she has been able to guide me to where I want to be.  She has supported me in an uniquely empathetic, spiritual, healing journey.  If you are not sure of what your looking for then Saskia’s guidance/coaching is all you need.  Looking forward to continuing our journey and can not thank you enough for your truly gifted insight."


- Tim O

You are a spiritual catalyst for well-being and growth for people going through cancer. Something I feel like I am coming to terms with. Your words are so spot on. Gratitude, Saskia ❤️


- @ohitsjesme

I came across this wonderful person not that long ago that can somehow put into words how I’ve felt and how I still occasionally fear about having had cancer. She is amazing. She gets it because she’s been through it. She’s inspired me to go through with what I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve just been too scared to do it. She reminds me I’m not alone and how I feel is valid. The struggle I went through and still go through is okay and at some point someone else has gone through it. She’s helped me in ways I can’t begin to explain and I’m so thankful and grateful for her. 


- @zibz83

Thanks for your honest words and for trying to bring this to light. Life After Cancer is a total mind f*ck. When everyone around you in jumping for joy and elated that it’s “all over” in my head I felt like the actual trauma of it all had only just began.


- @sarahparkerphysio

I was having trouble with self doubt and what they call 'imposter syndrome'. So I booked a ritual with Saskia to help clear some of this bad energy. The ritual was powerful and resonated deeply. The words were just what I needed to hear. Saskia holds a great space to release and let go. In the weeks after I would always refer back to the ritual if the feeling returned until it fully left me and now I no longer get the feeling and I'm forever grateful. Thanks Sas X.

Black and White Flower

- Claire C

Saskia helped me and the others in my group rid ourselves of unnecessary life baggage and manifest things that serve our lives better. She provided a safe, loving space to do this. It worked so well for me that I surprised myself with how, with the right guidance, we can do anything. What a positive, loving force of spirit she is!

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- @7nourishedspirit

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Saskia’s 

Life after treatment program as the golden path back to discovering your new self after cancer. 

I was in an extremely low state,  feeling wounded, weary and isolated at the end of my treatment.  I desperately needed to be lifted from that dark space . I needed support moving forward to lift me out of my depressed funk . Synchronicity was at play when I discovered Saskia’s course. 

Going through the modules, I gained practical positive and fun strategies that bought me back to life . Her positive support enabled me to kick start my progress back to recovery. This course gave me opportunity to take action and guided me to believe in myself again.

Saskia is such a positive soul beaming with love and kindness and through her coaching sessions some of that sparkle rubs off onto you. She has been such a positive influence who has inspired me to move forward with confidence and positivity. 

My own personal cheer leader supporting and motivating me to take positive steps on my personal journey to recovery.  

Sarah E.JPG

- Sarah E

I wish it were possible to bottle you so that everyone could keep a little bit of you around at all times, the world would be an even more wonderful place if that were possible!


- Daniella S

Saskia is a remarkable woman who has helped me immeasurably. Her positivity, wisdom and empathy made me feel instantly comfortable and we connected on a level that I have struggled to find with other therapists. After the ordeal I went through, I had 3 months of psychotherapy. I can honestly say that I got more out of a few hours with Saskia, than all the conventional counselling. Saskia helped me find practical ways of dealing with my emotions and moving forward. She is truly gifted at what she does and I am so grateful to have found her.


- Sammy H

Saskia has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. From relationship problems, childhood traumas, work problems or when I just feel a bit lost. 

She guides me through and helps me see different perspectives, ways of dealing with stress or worries and bad feelings. Without her I wouldn't be where I am and that's a fact, she's helped me build my confidence and see life in a completely different way. She is an incredible life coach and I highly recommend her, we all struggle with things and need some extra help. I'm so grateful I found her and will never let her go.