Three Books That Will Change

Your Life Forever...


The term Self Help gets a bad wrap but I just don’t get why?


How can wanting to help yourself be a bad thing?


How can wanting to grow, wanting to find a way to be truly happy, and become the best version of yourself be a negative thing?!?


It makes no sense to me!


People say too much introspection distracts you from living your life, but I say introspection has profound and beautiful affects on your every day existence, and living in ignorant bliss is actually not as blissful as everyone thinks.


I’m speaking from experience.


My life was a struggle for most of my life, I spent most of the time with a grey cloud above my head.


But reading the incredible books I am about to share with you helped me to slowly transform that the dark cloud into sunshine.


And if I could find the sunshine in life then I know with 100% certainty that you can do it too, because I was a complete lost cause but now I am one of the happiest people I know!

So check out the books below, book a well-being coaching session with me, and start finding your happy.

You deserve it.


Sending you love and light,


Saskia x


'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay


First and foremost Louise Hay is one of the most beautiful and incredible human beings to ever walk this planet. She has transformed millions of people’s lives, and the world  has become a brighter place because of her...  her legacy will live on forever.


This book has sold three million copies in 30 different countries, so obviously there is some serious magic to be found in it’s words.


 I still implement the tools she teaches each and every morning when I wake up.


I spent most of my life belittling myself, beating myself up, constantly telling myself that I'm not good enough…but then I read You Can heal Your Life… I have never treated myself like that again. FACT.

Louise Hay had a tough life, she went through hell and not only did she survive but she made it her life's work to show us how to do the same. Her guidance doesn’t come from credentials and university degrees; it comes from hand on experience, from knowing and truly understanding the struggle and pain that we go through.


'Feel the fear and do it anyway' - Susan Jeffers

Susan Jeffers is a kindred spirit to me, she also went through breast cancer but in the end it took her life and the world is deprived of so much without her here.


Susan’s book literally makes you fearless and invincible. 


She gives you all the wisdom you need to understand the feeling of fear and overcome it once and for all.


The tools she teaches have literally stopped the fear that controlled my life.

The main premise of the book is this that the presence of fear is actually an indicator that you are growing in the right direction and overcoming much more than you think.


Susan believes we see fear in the wrong light, we see it as a negative when in actually fact it is an incredible positive; an indicator that we are ready to take a step outside of our comfort zone to achieve so much more than we ever imagined. 

'10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace' by Wayne Dyer


Wayne Dyer is the male version of Louise Hay and proof that spiritual books are not just for women. 


The gifts he has given the world are endless, his knowledge and guidance has literally transformed millions of lives and yet he was always so humble and completely down to earth. 


Wayne has written hundreds of books, and no... I haven’t read all of them… but over the course of my lifetime I hope to.


This particular book is short and sweet, just ten simple gifts of wisdom that really are the key to success and peace. This book is so good I don’t put it on the bookshelf with the rest of my books, I keep it out on my coffee table so I always have easy access.


I know that whatever is going on for me, all I have to do is open the book and whatever page I come upon will have the wisdom I need to transform how I am feeling.