Nothing will ever be the same again.


The normal you remember before being diagnosed no longer exists, and the quicker you can make peace with that the better.

You need to close the door on the chapters of your life that went before, and find the willingness and courage to open a new door to the new life that has come to be as a consequence of the trauma you've been through.

Just because you're saying goodbye to the old you and the old life you had before going through cancer, does not mean your new life is less than or a faded version of the life you once had.

That is negative thinking and it simply isn't true.

Your life now hasn't lost anything, it isn't less exciting or less wonderful than the one you remember... it's just different and the sooner you believe that then the better your life will become.

 There are no rules and regulations that say when you must have healed and moved on from your cancer experience.

Some people finish treatment and jump back into life with a hop, skip and a jump. But some of us do not, and that is perfectly okay. Don't put yourself under any pressure, and if you have been doing so then stop right now!

You went through hell and made it to the other side, you deserve the time you need to heal and move on...and don't compare that time to anyone else.

There are no right or wrong feelings.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever is coming up for you. 


Of course you're grateful you survived cancer treatment, but that doesn’t mean you have to fake what's really going on inside. If you're sad be sad, or if you're angry be angry. Don't bottle those emotions down, ignore them and hope they'll go away because they won't. 


Admit how you are truly feeling to someone, one person that you really trust, it will prevent you from isolating and slipping into a deep black hole of depression.

Feel your feelings but don't feel sorry for yourself.

There's a big difference between  giving yourself permission to feel what is coming up for you, and using that as an excuse to dive into a big bucket of self pity and poor me.

Self pity is pointless, futile and only keeps you stuck.

Learn to love yourself. 


Haven’t you been through enough? No more inner critic talk, no more telling yourself you are not good enough, no more beating yourself up or putting yourself down.


After surviving the hell of cancer treatment nothing is more important than being kind and gentle with yourself. Now is the time for unconditional self compassion, self acceptance, self forgiveness and self love.

Don't go back to the same old habits.​


After treatment it’s important to look at your lifestyle and make some positive changes.

Not just the obvious ones like quit smoking, but cutting down on processed foods, fizzy drinks and unhealthy take outs.

Cutting sugar and refined flour out of your diet is a great way to start a new improved and healthy you.


But it’s progress and not perfection, so don’t beat yourself up if occasionally you treat yourself to an ice cream or a piece of apple pie... remember point number 6, be kind to yourself! 


Stop dwelling on what cancer stole from you.

Cancer didn't steal anything from you and you have not lost the best parts of yourself.

You are just profoundly different because you went through hell and back, and you survived.

So start focusing on what you do have, instead of dwelling on the past and what you think you've lost.

Start writing a gratitude list every night before you go to sleep, just a simple list of 5 things you are grateful for in that day and see how this seemingly small daily exercise can transform your life and your outlook on everything.

Remember the importance of baby steps.

Rome wasn't made in a day and no one jumped out of their mother's womb and immediately started doing somersaults. Bricks had to be laid for Rome to come into being, and learning to walk is the first step to being able to cool stuff like somersaults.

So make sure you're always doing something, trying something, reading something, creating something... just something no matter how small that takes you in the right direction towards a life of happiness, peace and confidence.

Your comfort zone is anything but comfortable, it's a prison and you'll get stuck in there forever if you don't dare take a teeny tiny step outside what you think is safe and familiar.


If you’re struggling, reach out and talk to somebody.


Mental health issues like depression or anxiety used to be something nobody talked about…but it’s not like that anymore.

A large majority of the population experience some kind of mental health issue at some point in their lives; so there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel depressed, anxious or stressed out after cancer treatment.


Please don’t keep it bottled in, because keeping negative feelings hidden within us is what can make us sick in the first place.

I've been through cancer treatment so I know and understand where you are and what you are going through.


I've been where you are and am now living the greatest chapter of my life I have ever lived.

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