Life coach, spiritual guide, inspirational speaker,

author & lover of life.

I struggled my whole life to be happy. 


I was always looking outside of myself to find happiness, but I never found it.


The happiness I found was always temporary... it never stuck around for long.


Negative emotions would always get the better of me.


Fear would prevent me from going forward.


My inner critic would make me feel small & insecure.


I kept failing at work, relationships and life.


Then I changed the direction of my focus and everything changed.


Instead of seeking fulfilment from outside of me, I started looking within and doing the work there... and I have never looked back since.


I am a certified CPCAB integrated life coach counsellor, and studied for two years at One Spirit Interfaith as a spiritual guide & counsellor.


I mix modern spirituality with traditional counselling and life coaching models.


I offer my very own method of coaching that is down-to-earth, fun, easy and transformative.

More about me...


  • I love being in nature with my dog, Barnaby Le French.

  • I'm an extroverted introvert.

  • I am a breast cancer survivor.

  • My favourite colour is technicolour.

  • I have lived in Madrid, Boston, Cape Town & London.      

  • I love writing stories and self help books.