Life Coach South West London


Hay House author, well-being coach, spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, cancer misfit & happiness ninja.

The truth is I screwed up my whole life to get to where I am today, and where I am is happier than I ever dreamt possible.

It took failed businesses, divorce, an eating disorder and being diagnosed with cancer, for me to find the willingness to venture down a spiritual path and transform my life.


But now I am testament to the fact you can feel lost, unhappy or less than, your whole life and still find your way to confidence, happiness and peace.


  • I'm an extroverted introvert.

  • I love getting lost in the forest with my dog, Barnaby Le French (who happens to be an author too).

  • My 'un-guilty' pleasure are silent discos.

  • My favourite colour is technicolour.

  • My least favourite colour is beige.

  • I have lived in Madrid, Boston, Cape Town & London.

  • I have always been in love with Gene Kelly and always will be.

  • I don't like blending in.

  • I dig indie films with happy endings.

  • I get down and insecure just like you, but I now know how to overcome it.

  • I have heart-shaped nipple tattoos.

  • I really am as happy as I seem.

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