My name is

Saskia Lightstar

and I know how to make you happy.



Dina G.

Not lying when I say I think the Universe brought Saskia into my life. Just when I needed to try a different approach, get a different perspective and just to hand over the reins and say ‘I don’t know anymore, can someone else help please’ she appeared out of nowhere.

Lara C.

Saskia gave me the tools to harness my own spirituality and trust my intuition.  My sessions with Saskia changed my attitude, my perceptions and essentially my life. Words cannot describe my gratitude."

Sarah E.

I wish it were possible to bottle you so that everyone could keep a little bit of you around at all times, the world wouldI came across this wonderful person not that long ago that can somehow put into words how I’ve felt and how I still occasionally fear about having had cancer. She is amazing. She gets it because she’s been through it. She’s inspired me to go through with what I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve just been too scared to do it. 


Support & guidance 

to find true happiness, peace and confidence after cancer treatment.

A 90 day online program to help cancer survivors feel, think & live better after cancer

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