Helping you to

believe in the possibilities of your life.

It's never too late to change.


I help you take the steps you need to transform yourself and your life.


By working with me you will:

  • understand why you do, think and feel the way you do.

  • process a lifetime of conditioning that has been holding you back.

  • overcome blocks and limiting beliefs.

  • heal the wounds that keep you stuck.

  • achieve the aspirations you thought were impossible.

  • no longer allow yourself to be controlled by fear.

  • finally prosper and know what it means to be happy.



Daniella S


"Saskia is a remarkable woman who has helped me immeasurably. Her positivity, wisdom and empathy made me feel instantly comfortable and we connected on a level that I have struggled to find with other therapists. After the ordeal I went through, I had 3 months of psychotherapy. I can honestly say that I got more out of a few hours with Saskia, than all the conventional counselling. Saskia helped me find practical ways of dealing with my emotions and moving forward. She is truly gifted at what she does and I am so grateful to have found her"

Dina G


"Not lying when I say I think the Universe brought Saskia into my life. Just when I needed to try a different approach, get a different perspective and just to hand over the reins and say ‘I don’t know anymore, can someone else help please’ she appeared out of nowhere. There aren’t a lot of guides, coaches or teachers out there that I’ve encountered that I can trust. It always feels like they’re doing what they do for the money or the fame. Saskia is totally different. Her heart is fully in this and you can feel it."

Sammy H


Saskia has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. From relationship problems, childhood traumas, work problems or when I just feel a bit lost. 

She guides me through and helps me see different perspectives, ways of dealing with stress or worries and bad feelings. Without her I wouldn't be where I am and that's a fact, she's helped me build my confidence and see life in a completely different way. She is an incredible life coach and I highly recommend her, we all struggle with things and need some extra help. I'm so grateful I found her and will never let her go.

  • Learn how to find peace no matter what's going on in your life.


  • Give yourself permission to feel the negative emotions, but no longer let them govern your life.


  • Believe in yourself and learning how to be you bravely.

  • Discover how to trust your intuition more than other people’s opinion.

  • Finally feel confident, and authentically love yourself exactly the way you are.

  • Let go of fear so you can keep going forward even when you feel afraid and want to go back.

  • Learn how to move on from the past & stop worrying about the future, so you can focus on transforming your life now.

  • Everything you need to change your life is already inside of you, you just need someone to help you find it.


A Book created for cancer survivors struggling with life after cancer treatment.

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