Those of us who have been through cancer

know that the treatment is not where the journey ends... in fact for many of us that is when

the difficult part of the journey begins.

When the treatment stops nobody prepares you for what comes next; 

it's like we're just expected to fit back into our lives.


But some survivors struggle to move on, and struggle to fit in, to their life after treatment

Eight years ago, when I finished my cancer treatment, I struggled to move on.


I looked for support, for someone that could help me with what comes next, but I couldn't find anyone.


And so I struggled in silence for almost thee years.

I don't want anyone else to go through what I went through and that is why I am here.

I am an integrated life coach/counselor, a spiritual teacher and a cancer survivor.

I found a way to transform my life and (even after the hell of cancer treatment) become the happiest person I know.

I thought the best of me had gone, I thought my best of times were over, I thought cancer treatment had screwed things up permanently.

But I was wrong.

So if you're struggling to find your 'normal' after cancer treatment, whether you finished last week, last month, last year or even five years ago, I can help you find your way to the greatest life you've ever lived.

Finding the right person to help you isn't easy. That's why I offer a free 25 minute call before you consider embarking on a transformational journey with me. That way I ...
Complimentary call
25 min

For a long time after you've finished treatment it can feel like you’ve been left in limbo,stuck in a no man’s land between who you used to be before the diagnosis and who you are today. 

The doctor tells you the treatment is over and you can go back to normal, except the normal you remember has gone.

There is no normal after going through cancer.

But no one warns you about that, no one prepares you for the next chapter of the cancer journey.

It doesn't end with the treatment because now you have to discover who you've become.

I offer a complimentary 25 minute phone call for you to see if I am the right fit for what you need.

So why not take a chance and reach out? 

You never know, it may just change your life.

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