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Finally connect deeply to yourself
so you can heal everything.

Do you feel like you've tried it all?
  • But you're still not living the life you want.

  • You're into all things self development, and still feel disconnected.

  • You just want to believe in yourself, love yourself and love your life.

  • You've read books, enrolled on courses, gone on retreats, but something just hasn't clicked.

  • You're ready to live your happiest life, you just don't know how to get there.

I'm a spiritual coach specialised in self connection and inner healing and I can help you.


Don’t give up yourself just because nothing has worked so far.

  • You CAN heal from the inside out.

  • You CAN heal your broken pieces and finally move on from past pain and trauma.

  • You CAN transform negative thoughts and toxic beliefs.

  • You CAN transform your present moment.

  • You CAN develop a healthy and unconditionally loving relationship to yourself.

  • You have everything you need inside yourself, you have the power.

  • I show you how to use that power to completely transform your life.



Start using the force inside yourself.

  • To overcome fear, anxiety and insecurity.

  • To transform negative thought patterns and old toxic beliefs.

  • To surrender the past and stop fearing the future.

  • To process your feelings and not get stuck in them.

  • To heal your broken pieces and move on from past trauma.

  • To trust yourself and trust life fully.

Emotionally unstable personality disorder


I share the truth that other spiritual teachers haven't told you.


  • I show you what's been missing so the pieces of your life finally start fitting together in harmony.


  • You want to heal and I can help you do that.

  • Expect all kinds of spiritual modalities, like mirror work, creative visualisation, guided meditation and law of attraction, but all used in a totally different way.

  • You are NOT on my website by accident.

  • You're ready to try something different and new, and I'm it.

  • So click the link below and set up a free consultation call with me.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Some of my areas of expertise are...

  • Audio Healing Journeys. A combination of guided meditation, law of attraction and self therapy. A very powerful tool for deep inner healing and changing old belief systems that hold you back.

  • Self Connection/Self Love. Transform the relationship you have with yourself to feel loved, confident, worthy and connected.

  • Inner Critic, Insecurity and Low Self Worth. Take back your power and transform the inner critic into your greatest ally for self healing. 

  • Inner Child, Creativity and Play. Tap back into the purest part of yourself to access more of your power, more healing and more fun!

  • Law of Attraction. Tune into the the frequency of abundance to call in your dreams even faster.

  • Safe Space. Feel fully seen, heard, accepted and understood like never before.

What my clients say...

Jessica, USA

Saskia helped me crush my inner critic - Marge. We connected in a way that time and space cannot contend with despite and against all the odds. I believe that we were meant to meet and she has helped me in ways no one else has ever been able to. An excellent teacher and guide through the muck and gunk of life, who will see and honor your experience.

  • If you've tried everything to improve your life, but still feel stuck.

  • If you want to a healthier and happier relationship to yourself.

  • If you want to attract more love, peace, joy and abundance in your life.

  • If you are determined to heal and transform yourself.

  • Then schedule a free consultation call with me, so you can start doing it.


Book a free consultation call with me today.

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