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My name is Saskia,
and I help people transform their lives.


Pardon my french but my life was a shit show for a very long time. My childhood was full of emotional abuse and trauma, and that abuse and trauma continued throughout my life.

And  I'd still be living in darkness, if I hadn't found the willingness to look deep within myself and do the work needed there in order to truly set myself free.



In 2012, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that forever altered the course of my life. This awakening sparked a journey of exploration into spirituality and holistic practices, prompting me to challenge every preconceived notion about my identity and the nature of existence itself. Immersing myself in the wisdom of spiritual luminaries such as Ram Dass, Louise Hay, and Wayne Dyer, I delved into self-healing modalities and devoured hundreds of enlightening books.


This journey of self-discovery empowered me to shed layers of trauma and release the burdens of my past. I liberated myself from societal labels and transcended the limiting beliefs that once dictated my life. Today, I am living the most fulfilling life imaginable, and my purpose is clear: to empower others with the transformative tools and practices that reshaped my reality from within.


Join me on the most incredible journey of self-healing and empowerment, and together, we can unlock the boundless potential which resides within you, so you can welcome in a life of limitless possibilities.

I'm a self-healing teacher that doesn't fit in any boxes.

  • My methods are not generic, nor are they conventional.


  • I have taken elements from life coaching, counselling, holistic healing and wellness practices, and combined them to create a method of transformation that pays attention to all aspects of who you are; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


  • Together we create your very own bespoke self-healing toolbox that you can use to heal your life.

  • My approach is fun, imaginative, creative, deep and healing, and the results are permanent.


If not now, when?

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