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My name is Saskia, and I love who I am.

Nope, I'm not vain. 

But I am self centred - I am definitely centred within myself, connected to the essence of who I am, and loving and accepting every part of me. Loving yourself and prioritising yourself is not selfish, it's self love and it's crucial if you want a genuinely deep rooted happy existence. 


Nothing is more important than learning to love, nurture, respect, understand. inspire and uplift yourself, and as a spiritual coach that's what I help you do.


I've never fitted neatly in any boxes, nor am I a big fan of labels, so don't expect a simple answer if you ask me who I am or what I do. I'm a spiritual being having a human experience, and I do a lot of things; I'm a certified integrated life coach and counsellor, I am a spiritual coach, I am a self healing expert, a self help author, and a guided meditation facilitator.. Everything I do is to be of service to others; to make people smile, to inspire, to heal and to uplift. I do this through words, wellbeing and mindfulness practises, imagination, holding space and intuitive healing.

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My Story

I spent my life hating myself.


I experienced trauma from a young age, and trauma seemed to follow me wherever I went. 

My life consisted of failure after failure, continuous wrong turns and mistakes, low self worth, an inferiority complex, bulimia/anorexia, self harm, two failed businesses, and two divorces... the list could go on and on, and the truth is I tried to end my life more than once.


The cherry on the ice cream sundae of my fucked up life was being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2012. On top of everything else crap in my life I then had to lose all of my beautiful curls and my left breast. I hit the deepest darkest rock bottom of my life and I had two choices; to kill myself and just be done with it, or find a way to start from scratch and get myself to a happy and peaceful life. As you can see I chose the latter option, and thank god I did.

I started learning all things wellbeing and mindfulness related, I devoured self help books, I trained as an integrated life coach/counsellor and a spiritual minister. I incorporated all kinds of delicious things into my every day existence; like meditation, mirror work, affirmations, journalling, gratitude practises, embodied movement, kundalini... and slowly but surely I began to heal. I peeled away all the layers of trauma and conditioning, I dug deep inside of me and discovered who I really am. I learnt to love myself back to life; no one else healed me, I healed me. And so can you. If someone who hated themselves as much as I did can transform into someone who adores themselves, then anyone can do it. 

I love my life, I love existing in this crazy, fucked up and beautiful world. My life is far from perfect; I still experience pain and struggle and negative crap, but my relationship to all that has changed, because my relationship to myself has changed and now I can handle anything life throws at me.

If you're struggling with life then please reach out to me.


I offer one on one coaching for those struggling to love and accept themselves; those who crave a little more peace and joy in their lives.


I offer one on one coaching for women struggling to navigate life after breast cancer treatment.


I hold healing circles.

I'm a guided meditation facilitator.

I am a creative conceptualist and copywriter.


I don't fit in one box, and nor do I want to. 

Let's connect.

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