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Frequently asked questions.

Why should I start coaching with you and how will it help me?

The aim of coaching is to help you understand yourself more deeply. I've spent years gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior, emotional wellbeing, how our childhood experiences and past trauma have consequences in our adult life, and the dynamics of social relationships.


All these things usually happen outside our conscious awareness. So it's VERY difficult to "see" ourselves from an outside perspective, which is why it's so important to seek the help of a coach.


Often we have trouble understanding the "WHY" of some of our behaviors (we know we're angry, annoyed, hurt ... but we don't why we are the way we are).


I'll help you to understand the "WHY" so that you can become more self aware and more able to self heal.

Why am I hesitating to call you?

We are creatures of habit, so doing something that is out of our ordinary is difficult; change is uncomfortable. What's more, we have an evolutionary fear of the unknown.

The first step of changing your life is taking a small step outside of your comfort zone and scheduling a call with me.


I can assure you that the people I work with feel safe and comfortable with me, and I have no doubt you'll feel the same way if you give it a chance.


Coaching offers a choice between continuing to unconsciously reproduce the same patterns and remain stuck in your habits, or stepping back and trying to understand yourself better.


That's how you change.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

From the very first session, you should feel a great deal of relief from the simple fact of having talked about and externalized your problems.

After that, it all depends on your commitment and regularity.

If you come every week, you can start feeling good within the first month, and after a few months, you won't need to come and see me anymore.


It's like with everything: the more committed and regular you are, the more lasting results you'll achieve.

What sets you apart from other coaches or therapists?

I've been where you are and I know how you feel.


I am a trained and certified integrative coach/counselor but I'm also someone that has borderline personality disorder, and I'm living proof that you can overcome the negative behaviors and traits of BPD.


I'm living proof that you can create a whole new relationship to yourself and your diagnosis, and as a consequence create a whole new life you never imagined possible.

My coaching methods have not only proved successful for my clients, they have proven successful for me.


I can tell you from my own experience, that my coaching methods work.

Do you offer face to face sessions?

No, all coaching sessions are online on Zoom, this way I can assist people with borderline that live anywhere in the world.

How long are your coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes.


Sessions can't be booked individually.


First you need to attend my 12 week self healing program.

How much does the program cost?

The 12 week self healing program costs $3000.

This includes 12 weekly one on one zoom coaching sessions, weekly audio healing journeys, weekly assignments and self healing practices, reading and listening materials and WhatsApp voice note support so you have the help you need in between sessions.


It's doubtful you'll need more sessions after the program, but if you would like additional support or to continue working with me as your coach you can then pay for individual sessions.

Do you take insurance?

No I do not take insurance as I have clients worldwide.

How do I set up an appointment?

What modalities do you use in your coaching?

I use a variety of conventional coaching and counseling methods, such a DBT practises and authentic listening. I also use holistic and wellbeing practices such as mirror work, creative visualization, affirmation and guided meditation.

I help you create your own self healing tool box by offering a wide range of healing modalities and tools - you then get to choose which ones you implement into your every day life.

What my clients say...

Fran H, USA

The work I've been doing with Saskia has been life changing.
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