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My latest book.

The Cancer Misfit

A book to help cancer survivors feel better, think better and live better after treatment.

There's more than enough support and guidance for when a person is first diagnosed with cancer and start going through treatment, but that support and guidance seems to disappear as soon as the doctor says the treatment is over and it's time to go 'back to normal.'

This book clarifies that there is no going back to normal after  the hell of cancer treatment, and nor should there be.

Going through an enormous trauma like cancer changes you forever, and in order to live the greatest chapter of your life going forward you just need to get to know and accept the person you've become as a consequence of what you went through.

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Excerpt from the book...

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.45.30.png
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.45.57.png
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.46.07.png
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.46.21.png
Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.46.36.png
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